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Chinese 華語片
  • 報告老師!怪怪怪怪物! MON MON MON MONSTERS!
  • DVD
  • HK$83.30
  • Release Date 推出日期: 2017-11-16
  • Category 類別: Chinese
  • Label/Publisher 出版商: Edko Films Ltd. (HK)
  • Product Code 產品編號: 17EDVD54
  • HKR code: 880267
  • Language 語言: Mandarin
  • Subtitles 字幕: English, Traditional Chinese
  • Rating 級別: III


捉怪物養怪物 嚇怪物

愛打小報告的資優生林書偉,長期被全班同學欺負,尤其是班上的風雲人物三人組。女教師要求四人一同服務社會照顧獨居老人,他們卻去盜取獨居老人的保險箱,在陰森大樓誤打誤撞捕獲一頭吃人的小怪物。好奇心使然,每天放學過後,四人開始用各種稀奇古怪的方式研究小怪物,希望知道牠的來歷,特性以及弱點。每天一起惡搞竟然變成了林書偉與風雲三人組友情升溫的催情劑。四個男孩的心智日漸扭曲,最終的友情也受到了考驗... 九把刀繼《那些年,我們一起追的女孩》後,再次執導最擅長的校園電影,挑戰III級驚悚極限,榮膺香港第41屆國際電影節閉幕電影。

* 特別收錄:
- 電影預告
- 相片集

* Special Features:
- Trailer
- Photo Gallery

Lin Shu-Wei, a super nerd in the class gets teased and harassed all the time by classmates. One day he gets into trouble and gets assigned to community service with three bullies in class. The four are supposed to be helping elders that live alone, however, it all turn into their afterschool adventures. One night, when they are sneaking into one of the houses to steal from the elders, they bumped into two monsters. Consequently, they capture the little monster and start their own “investigations” and “experiments.” The four get more and more twisted as their involvement with the little monster. A cycle of never-ending bullying and torture haunt the students and the monster and nobody can get away with it.